1st PRIZE: Robert Swan wins a WingMan Digital Extreme PC Joystick PLUS either Judge Dredd (PSX), or Virtua Cop with Lightgun (Saturn), courtesy of Rob Ryan PLUS A Euro Demo 34 disk
2nd PRIZE: Derek da Silva wins Viewpoint courtesy of Rob Ryan PLUS A Euro Demo 34 disk
3rd PRIZE: Tanvir Khan wins what Rob doesn't want PLUS a Euro Demo 34 Disk (same as July'98 OPSM disk)
BONUS PRIZE: Andreas Weissl wins TOCA Touring Car Championship! (Using a National Lottery Draw proofed random entrant, who sent in complete recordings for all 9 maps, no matter what position they finished in)
Mid-compo winners: Andreas Weissl won a demo CD from Rob Ryan for being the first to beat him on Map 6, and Rob Swan won a FF VII mouse mat from Derek da Silva for being the first to beat him on map 1.

A total of 13 entrants registered, with 9 of them submitting times. (alphabetical order) * = No web page
CompetitorEmail addressYaroze page
Brinkhuis, Dennis/ ~madmac
Campbell, Scott/ ~escotia
Cartier, Scott/ ~scartier (SCEA)
da Silva, Derek/ ~tomaandi
Ferguson, Nick/ ~rookie1
Khan, Tanvir/ ~tanvirk
Rutherford, James/ ~mrfrosty
Ryan, Robert/ ~throwbak
O'Shea, Mark/ ~MADMARK
Slaven, Nick/ ~nslaven
Swan, Robert/ ~middex2
Weissl, Andreas/ ~loonybit
Yoann, Levet/ YOANN_L *
Instructions of how to record and submit your entries is HERE, with Top Gun pilot tips in the Grav Flying Guide.

1stRobert Swan70 points
2ndDerek da Silva57 points
3rdTanvir Khan42 points
4thScott Cartier29 points
5thAndreas Weissl23 points
6thRobert Ryan5 points
7thNick Slaven0 points
-Mark O'Shea0 points
-Levet Yoann0 points
-Nick Ferguson0 points
-James Rutherford0 points
-Dennis Brinkhuis0 points
-Scott Campbell0 points

Map 1
1st (10 pts)0:46.70Tanvir Khan
2nd (6 pts)0:46.80Derek da Silva
3rd (4 pts)0:47.26Rob Swan
4th (3 pts)0:49.36Andreas Weissl
5th (2 pts)0:49.50Scott Cartier
6th (1 pt)0:49:86Rob Ryan
7th0:58.64Nick Slaven
Map 2
1st (10 pts)1:19.52Rob Swan
2nd (6 pts)1:19.74Tanvir Khan
3rd (4 pts)1:21.52Derek da Silva
4th (3 pts)1:25.46Scott Cartier
5th (2 pts)1:33.46Andreas Weissl
6th (1 pt)1:35.42Rob Ryan
Map 3
1st (10 pts)1:41.22Rob Swan
2nd (6 pts)1:49.66Derek da Silva
3rd (4 pts)2:03.22Scott Cartier
4th (3 pts)2:37.24Andreas Weissl
5th (2 pts)-:--.---
6th (1 pt)-:--.---
Map 4
1st (10 pts)0:51.78Derek da Silva
2nd (6 pts)0:52.84Rob Swan
3rd (4 pts)0:53.66Tanvir Khan
4th (3 pts)0:59.02Scott Cartier
5th (2 pts)1:05.24Andreas Weissl
6th (1 pt)-:--.---
Map 5
1st (10 pts)1:49.94Rob Swan
2nd (6 pts)2:02.30Scott Cartier
3rd (4 pts)2:54.10Andreas Weissl
4th (3 pts)3:10.16Derek da Silva
5th (2 pts)-:--.---
6th (1 pt)-:--.---
Map 6
1st (10 pts)0:39.78Derek da Silva
2nd (6 pts)0:39.82Tanvir Khan
3rd (4 pts)0:40.28Rob Swan
4th (3 pts)0:41.68Andreas Weissl
5th (2 pts)0:43.26Scott Cartier
6th (1 pt)0:43.72Rob Ryan
7th1:04.48Nick Slaven
Map 7
1st (10 pts)1:10.98Derek da Silva
2nd (6 pts)1:11.88Rob Swan
3rd (4 pts)1:12.06Tanvir Khan
4th (3 pts)1:15.52Scott Cartier
5th (2 pts)1:17.08Andreas Weissl
6th (1 pt)1:17.36Rob Ryan
Map 8
1st (10 pts)0:43.56Rob Swan
2nd (6 pts)0:44.38Tanvir Khan
3rd (4 pts)0:48.06Derek da Silva
4th (3 pts)0:57.20Scott Cartier
5th (2 pts)1:13.92Andreas Weissl
6th (1 pt)-:--.---
Map 9
1st (10 pts)1:32.58Rob Swan
2nd (6 pts)1:36.90Tanvir Khan
3rd (4 pts)1:39.12Derek da Silva
4th (3 pts)1:40.82Scott Cartier
5th (2 pts)1:43.68Andreas Weissl
6th (1 pt)1:54.92Rob Ryan

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MapChampionship RecordDerek da SilvaRobert SwanAndreas WeisslScott CartierTanvir KhanRobert RyanNick Slaven


1: Each map will have it's own top-six places, using F1 style points (10,6,4,3,2,1) and the winner of the competition will clearly be the person with the most points, championship style.
2: Full results will be posted for each map with download option for everyone's demo recording as and when I receive them. You may submit and re-submit times as often as you wish, and you can submit times without a demo recording now, but for your final submission I will require a demo for every winning time.
3: The final closing date is now set as November 30th, due to popular demand. It can be extended, I mean it is to do with a video game so dates are always getting put back... ;-}
4: I reserve the right to withold the prizes providing there are less than twenty full submissions. The reason for this should be obvious, as the primary point of the compo is to have a bit of fun, but without sufficient interest it's just not worth me giving any away. The winner however is guaranteed to win a Euro Demo 34 disk.
5: Don't worry, I will not be entering!
6: Shot-gun twelve tins of Stella Artois. This is best done after you've done all your records!



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