Last updated: 30 August 1999
ECTS Guest List
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"ECTS is Europe's biggest, most exciting, most leading-edge, most futuristic interactive entertainment event"

So say Miller-Freeman, anyway. And who am I to disagree? Chances are that you already know all about ECTS and the wonderful opportunity it gives "Ya-ro-zay" members to swan about an industry-only (hah) event like we're someone important. Other reasons for going include:

So, if you know you're coming to the show send me an e-mail (/ ) and I'll add you to the guest list below! In time, we can work out a schedule for meeting during / after the show!

For more details on the actual show proper - like who, what, where and when - visit the official ECTS homepage (!

So who's coming? (and what's on your pass? And for what days?)

Nick Ferguson
Sun / Mon / Tue

James Rutherford
Hex Heroes (Glossop Division)
Sun & Mon only

Charles Chapman
Live Media UK Ltd - Technical Director
Sun / Mon / Tue

Aaron Gandaa
Blaise Technologies
Sun / Mon / Tue

David Smethurst
Infogrames UK - Programmer
Sun only

Phil Gooch
XML Analyst
Sun only

Mark Naylor
Noh3Dee - Programmer
Sun & Mon only

Dennis Brinkhuis
Team Parc - Project Manager
Sun / Mon / Tue

Andy Weissl
Team Parc - Lead Coder
Sun / Mon / Tue

Ed Fear
Epistaxis Studios - Lead Programmer
Sun only

Robert Shand
Abertay Times - Reporter
Sun / Mon / Tue

Marc Lambert
Cyclone Software - Developer
Sun / Mon / Tue

Del da Silva
Net Yaroze - Programmer
Sun / Mon / Tue

David Johnston
ARM'd & Dangerous - Programmer
Sun & Mon only

Mirko Sagolj
Republic Strohm & Co. - Programmer
Sun / Mon / Tue

Daniel Hartmeier
Reichardt Informatik AG - Programmer
Sun / Mon / Tue

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