Mark Baker's Net Yaroze Page of DOOM

Greetings, all.

Firstly, this page has nothing useful on it at all - so if you're looking for downloads try Robert Swan's page instead. It's lovely...

I bought my NY at the full original price, with Codewarrior, so it is a tad galling that it is now £300 less... but that's the computer industry for you. Personally, I hope that many more people buy them now that they're cheap, and discover the joys of Playstation programming!

I work at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, in the Technology Group. This means my job is an eclectic mix of Research and Developer Support. I started in July '98 - before that I spent four years doing an MEng in Computing (Software Engineering) from Imperial College, London.

I always meant to get around to writing something for the Yaroze, but pressures of work meant that I always found myself in the bar, recovering, rather than in front of a PC. However, now I have a nice dev kit on my desk - hurrah! I may put up converted code from my private little projects, once they are presentable.

OK, that's it - for those of you who (ergh!) actually know me, you might want to see my 'real' homepage. Other than that, I suggest you head on back to the list of members.

Bye now,


P.S. Why "of DOOM?". Answers on a postcard to :
Mark couldn't think of a name for his page,
SCEE, London, UK


Update August 2018
This is from Felix, the Imperial College Union student newspaper.
Their archives are online and the issue is here