About Me

It's me My name is David Johnston, I'm 20 years old and I'm currently at Glasgow university studying, you guessed it, Comuting Science. When not in front of my Macintosh I can normally be found playing some sort of game on either PSX, N64, Saturn, SNES or Megadrive, climbing a nearby mountain, in the cinema or playing table tennis.

I started programming on a BBC and managed to learn a lot about what it takes to put a game together although never made anything half decent. I moved on to an Archimedes and started having more success. I released countless games as public domain and moved on to getting some on cover disks of mags. I then eventually found a publisher for one of my games and got my first commercially released game. After that I got three more released commercially although none of them really sold very well. I got my Yaroze slightly less than a year ago and I've written 4 games and am currently writting another. One of my games, "Time Slip" was on PSM cover disk number 48 which is what I'm most proud of.

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