Flood is a puzzle game where you have to guide water stored at the top of the screen off the bottom. Each level starts with you being teleported into the level. From there you can move around and push blocks into a position that will enable the water to flow where you want it to. At any given time you can leave the level and allow the water to flow.

[Screen shot]

You are told the amount of water you have to collect at the beginning of the level and upon collecting enough at the bottom of the screen you will be given the code for and moved onto the next level.

There are also some different blocks that are encountered in the game. These are:



Game Download game(v1.0)(32k)
Source codeDownload source code(16k)

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Other details about the game

The water effect is created by breaking all blocks of water in the level into blocks of 4x1 pixels. Every frame each droplet of water moves down if it can. Otherwise, it is either moved to the left or right if there is nothing already there.
[Screen shot]

Cheats & Tips

Here are the level codes: ---
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