It is the year 3861 and you are a space pirate returning to your home planet after many months spent in deep space. Upon entering the planet's atmosphere it becomes clear all is not as it once was. [Screen shot] Cities are ruined and there are no signs of life. Flying lower to get a closer look a gun turret leaps out of the ground and starts firing at you. The main engine of your space craft is instantly destroyed and you begin plumeting towards the earth. Just before your craft hits the ground you whack the eject button and are fired upwards. Your chute only just opens as you approach the ground and the resulting impact knocks you unconsious.

You wake to discover that you are trapped beneath the ground in a large underground complex inhabited by strange alien creatures. All your possesions have been taken leaving only your cybernetic arm with built in machine gun. Clearly your captors did not understand the function of your arm or it would most certainly have been removed. You have no idea why you have been taken here or why you weren't simply killed.

There is only one possible course of action, blast your way through the aliens and somehow find a way back to the surface. Good Luck!

You move left and right by using the D-pad.
You can jump by pushing up on the D-pad or pressing R1.
The symbol buttons are used to fire, triangle fires up, circle fires right and so on.
If you hold down L2 or R2 and run off an edge then you will jump at the last minute.
Once you collect the dynamite press L1 to drop a stick.

The analog pad would seem ideal for the job of firing since it would give more accuracy but I have no idea how you read data from it. If anyone can help me out with this I'd quite like to add it into the game. ---


Game Download game(v1.0)(116k)
Source codeDownload source code(40k)

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Other details about the game

There are 120 different screens in the game, the backdrops are built up from 156 different tiles & there are six different types of nasty that can kill you. [Screen shot]

The positions of the enemies in each scene are kept by having different tiles for the background that all look the same. If a particular tile number turns up then a monster is placed in that position, if that monster then dies all that needs to be done is change the tile into a normal background tile.

The animations are done by having a list of 96 tile numbers for each kind of animation. The animations are found in a similar way to the enemies and a counter is kept that constantly cycles round 0-95. Whatever tile is found in the animation list is then put on the map at the animation location.

The bullets, enemies, animations and blood are done using linked lists. Each list is cleared from memory whenever the player changes screen and is built up depending on it's type.

There are 6 items that you can pick up in the game. These are:

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