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The Net Yaroze is a multi-format Sony PlayStation which is only available to Net Yaroze Members.
Net Yaroze is a hobbyist development kit which allows anyone with a knowledge of the programming language C to make PlayStation games.
In addition to the Net Yaroze hardware (black PlayStation, two Controllers and an access card), Members got PlayStation 3D object creation utilities, maths and sound libraries, plus access to an exclusive Net Yaroze Members Web site for support and Net Yaroze information exchange. See the Net Yaroze Web site at for more details.

This domain was originally created on the 24th November 1997 by SCEE, exclusively for Net Yaroze members.

In 2017, I Mike Garcia (aka ~mgarcia) revived it and is slowly finding the original active Net Yaroze members to recreate their original members' homepage, for the public.

I was a Net Yaroze member and this site is mostly based on my own experiences, recollections and research on Net Yaroze and my aim is to bring everything Net Yaroze related together here and open. It is run as a hobby to publicly document and preserve that legacy, it is in no way affiliated with any Sony subsidiaries or employees.

Except for the small extracts from the Net Yaroze members' Newsgroup, most information here is (or was) already publicly available via media reports, web search or the wayback machine.

There are no Sony binaries or detailed information relating to Sony hardware and/or software on this site, as per the Net Yaroze agreement not to distribute to non members.

This site would not be possible without Qobol's support, who finds and packages Net Yaroze games and demos into a CDROM image. They are presented in the same menu that was originally used on PAL region cover discs of the Official PlayStation Magazine.

Feel free to sign the guest book or leave feedback.

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