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DIY USB Serial Communication Cable

January 16, 2021, at 11:42 AM by mgarcia in Development, Hardware (0 comments)

Title: DIY USB Serial Communication Cable Author: mgarcia Date: 2021-01-16 21:42 +1100 Tags: Development, Hardware Comments: Open

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DIY USB Serial Communication Cable

An instructional video on how to make yourself a Net Yaroze (Siocons) USB to serial communications cable. Images and raw videos are also available on

Image: Images.DIY-USB-to-Serial-Communication-Cable

Do It Yourself - Net Yaroze USB to Serial Communication Cable, video by Mike Garcia

The process is relatively simple (only 7 wires to solder) and not really complex.

Minimum parts required:

  • FTDI breakout board: SparkFun USB to Serial Breakout - FT232RL.
  • Half a PlayStation serial link cable.
  • A circuit tester to map wire colour to wire function.
  • A soldering iron to put it together.
  • Electrical tape to wrap it and protect it.
  • And a Micro USB cable to use it.

TL;DR version

Thumb nail images from



Map wire colours to it's function.

Solder it.

Test it.

Wrap it and finished.

The video best explains what to do in more detailed.
Any questions, ask in the comments below.

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