The Net Yaroze Welcome Letter

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The Net Yaroze Welcome Letter

The Net Yaroze welcome letter was sent out after shipment was fulfilled. Then it states what's in the Net Yaroze package (called starter kit), the Black PlayStation and the development kit and provides a courier tracking number and contact number. Next, it explains how to get online and access the member's web site with the requested username and generated password. Lastly, it mentions a monthly competition called 'Fame Game' were the winner's game is published on the Official PlayStation Magazine cover CD-ROM.

Private information is blacked out.

Image: Image The-Net-Yaroze-Welcome-Letter

Image: The Net Yaroze Welcome Letter

Some Curiosities

The 'Alternative URL', isn't specified on the letter but I assume it was
I'm not sure why it's signed by Paul Holman (Technical Manager). I've only seen one other welcome letter online (an listing), and it wasn't signed by Paul.

My Backstory

After payment was processed, (I remember it took a few weeks - via international money order), I received this welcome letter.
The Net Yaroze did take a few days to arrive via TNT but what the letter doesn't mention was the import customs duty and sales tax (pre GST), from memory it was just over $100 AUD, which was nearly a third of what a new retail PS1 cost at the time, I (as a student) was a bit shocked to be honest, but I wasn't too upset because I paid the "promo" price of under £300 pounds (around $750 AUD) and thought it was still a bargain! and of course I was more excited to get it setup and start reading and programming.

I've kept my Net Yaroze welcome letter in my CV with my other certificates and letters of recommendation.

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