Net Yaroze Member's Home Pages Update listing

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Title: Net Yaroze Member's Home Pages Update listing Author: mgarcia Date: 2019-07-01 22:53 +1000 Tags: Community, Portal Comments: Open

Net Yaroze Member's Home Pages Update listing

The Net Yaroze Member's Home Page update listing was the page where member's could see other member's updates.
It was a manual process, were after you uploaded your files (via ftp), you would fill out a simple web form called "Home Page Registration Form" and then your entry would be displayed on the list instantly, with no approval or moderation process, and to my knowledge this was never abused.
It was often used like a status update without actually making any changes to the member's home page.

For some strange reason, The wayback machine ( captured this listing page just weeks before it was closed.
You can view the complete archived member's update listing here:

Some of the Net Yaroze member's home pages can be seen here.

The wayback machine capture of the member's home page update listing.

Image: Images.Net-Yaroze-Members-Home-Pages-Update-listing

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