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Net Yaroze members at Gremlin Interactive

Gremlin Interactive

James Sutherland

James Sutherland

When I started at Gremlin, I worked on a PS1 Zool sequel (canned), 
a Realms of the Haunting sequel (canned), 
Actua Soccer N64 (canned) and an original game called Angel's Wake (canned). 
I then moved to Rage and worked on a game called Battle Rigs. It was canned.

source: twitter @jamessutherland

Jonathan Watson

Jon Watson

Jon did the front end for Actua Soccer 3.

Source the Net Yaroze Newsgroup:

From: "Jon Watson" 
Date: Thu, 2 Jul 1998 21:03:37 +0100

Hiya all,

I develop games for the playstation on a 'proper' dev kit using sn's
wonderful psy-utilities.....well as a bit of a hobby i've bought a yaroze to
see what its like....

Anyway, what I'm really after is this -
Is there a way of incbinning data files through the gnu assembler like there
is on asmpsx which comes with the devkit?  It seems such a hassle having to
manually load things into specific parts of memory....

Just in case anyones interested....I'm currently working on the front end to
Actua Soccer 3.

Jon Watson
Gremlin Interactive

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