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1999 European Computer Trade Show


Recorded by Derek da Silva, on his trusty Panasonic NV-S85.
He still has the original VHS-C.
Alternative version capture here.

  Black & White demo from Peter Molyneux, ECTS September 1999 

Black & White demo from Peter Molyneux, ECTS September 1999

Notable posts from the newsgroups

From: "DeL" 
Subject: Re: ECTS: Viewpoint...
Date: Wed, 8 Sep 1999 21:34:09 +0100

Yeah I kinda agree with ya...

The best stuff at the  show for me was the NeoGeo Colour Portable, played it
every day for at least an hour!, Must have one when its released officially
(Currently available via import bods). Codemasters Naseem's boxing was good,
it kinda grew on me over the days I attended the show, probably get this to.
But the best day was Monday when I got to go to a special Preview of
Lionhead's soon-to-be released Black & White, Headed by Peter Molyneux. I
(and some other guys I was with) was invited by Peter when we met him in a
pub off earl's court road on Sunday after the show. What I piece of luck!!,
he just happened to walk in the pub to go to the toilet!!, so came and sat
with us, brought us all a drink and had a chat. This game is AWESOME!! when
its released early next year nothing will be close to it trust me!.

Monday Night - SONY Party

What can I say, what a WICKED Night! (James Russell - SCEE thanks for the
ticket :-) ), Faithless live PA, free drinks & food (Those mini cheese
burgers, uuuuuummmm!!). SONY do know how to PARTY :-)

Well I'll be putting up my Yaroze Web Site shortly along with pictures from
the show, also the EXCLUSIVE Preview of BLACK & WHITE which I have recorded
on DV-Cam..........Watch this Space. Shout out to all the guys I was
hanging/Met with during the show days..:

Nick Ferguson
Stuart Macdonald
DEnnis Brinkhuis
Mr Frosty
James Russell
Robert Shand
Robert Swan

And all who I've forgotten (Sorry)

Derrick Bailey (AKA: DeL)

From: "Nick Ferguson" 
Subject: Re: ECTS: Viewpoint...
Date: Thu, 9 Sep 1999 11:18:47 +0100

Hi all,

God, Scotland's so much colder than London. Brrr! I hope my US Dreamcast
arrives before the weekend. What else? Oh yeah, ECTS...


- Black and White preview and chat with Peter Molyneux
- Meeting the NY "crew" by Westwood's stand. Big shout to the BOYZZZZZZZ!
- Eating out a lot
- Dreamcast looking GREAT (esp. Soul Calibur and HOTD2)
- Perfect Dark, despite being the hoary old E3 demo
- Getting RESPECT as a semi-bonafide member of the press!
- People knowing Loonygames and saying "Hi!" etc :)
- Not meeting anyone from Rare ;)
- Free food and drink (thanks, Sony)
- Joytech girls, and those Union Jack "tops" - WOOO!
- Seeing lots of "famous" industry people
- Interplay's piss-take video screening
- Freebies (inc. Sony bag, t-shirts and demo CDs)
- Mr Frosty helping out a damsel (read: babe) in distress. The picture in
her wallet was her brother, man!


- Hot, hot, hot Sony stand!
- Not blagging a free Neo-Geo
- Tiredness (read: being an unfit geek)
- Spending too much $$$$
- Not being able to hear many of the games
- Not as many fit/willing/drunk/matronly* women as last year
- Not getting enough pictures of the show (see above)
- Not getting to see GTA2 in action
- Getting up *gasp!* before 10am
- Not seeing even a whisker of Miyamoto, the wily midget
- Too many pimple-faced kids getting in. Call security!
- No Get Bass or Shen Mue (indeed, no official Sega presence in general)
- Londoners (no offence)
- DEnnis getting a letter in EDGE (it had to happen eventually)
- Did anyone really WANT those PlayStation black plastic bags?

SPECIAL ECTS WEIRDO AWARD: That malformed chick in the PlayStation ad (Bob
Shand's girlfriend!)

The lows seem to outnumber the highs, so it must have been a crap show. But
I enjoyed myself! Eh?

Nick's Notable Games(tm):

Rare's N64 trio (obviously), Gran Turismo 2, Giants, Resident Evil 3, Dino
Crisis, Wip3out, Soul Calibur, HOTD2, Trickstyle, Resident Evil GB, MDK 2,
Messiah (again), Prince of Persia 3D, Konami's "Bemani" things, 'Korea Game'
stand everyone (rightly) ignored, "kiddy software" (i.e. that PlayMobil
farming thing), Un Jammer Lammy, TOTAL SOCCER GB!!!, Super Smash Bros,
Shadowman, Rogue Spear, Micro Machines 4, Nassim Boxing, Mud n Blood 64,
plus a whole lot I forget

(crap/boring/disappointing/obviously pre-alpha)
Titus' entire stand, a depressing number of racing games, Nintendo showing 3
yr old games like Mario (WTF?), Turok Rage Wars, all the South Park games,
and all uninspired genre clones (excluding Resident Evil 3, which has
zombies), PC strategy/sim games i.e. Blue Byte Software, No Fear Racing, all
of EIDOS' games and GTA2 (they wouldn't let me see them), C&C: Renegade,
anything by the self-styled "Hex Heroes", and everything else.

And with my wrath suitably vented ;)

Nick F

*delete as applicable

"Game over, man. Game over!"

From: "Stuart Macdonald"
Subject: Re: ECTS: Viewpoint...
Date: Thu, 9 Sep 1999 11:19:05 +0100

Well, it was my first ECTS, so I can't make any comparisons, but there were
a few games that did grab me.

Virgin had a few interesting games, if you could take the sauna-like heat
for more than a few minutes. Messiah looks fantastic, if you're into 3rd
person games. Evolva was interesting, but the levels looked a bit boring and
samey. Earthworm Jim 3D finally finished, and looks as if it could be good.

Sony's stand was ok. Not being into racing games, I found Crash Team Racing
fun, better than Speed Freaks anyway. International Track and Field wasn't
bad until you got to the Hammer, then it was impossible ( did anyone that
played it qualify ?). Found I couldn't score in This is Football ( we ended
up cycling right through the goalkeeper in taking penalties ! ), I guess
more playtime would possibly cure that.

I got pretty hooked on Unreal Tournament in the Aureal 3D stand, where there
was 3 linked machines, it played much smoother than Unreal, and the weapons
felt better. Might satisfy until Team Fortress 2.

Neo Geo Pocket was cool, I love the stick controller, but I didn't really
see any games for it that grabbed me, maybe I missed something, I'll wait a
bit and see what else comes out for it.

Nintendo left me cold a bit. Jet Force Gemini looks like it could get really
playable, but the areas I played seemed empty. Perfect Dark was Goldeneye
with a new set of clothes.

Ramble over. There's lots more to talk about, but this will do for now.
Big hello to all the NY folk I met, hope there weren't too many hangovers
after the Sony party.

From: "Derek da Silva"
Subject: Re: ECTS: Viewpoint...
Date: Thu, 9 Sep 1999 12:47:48 +0100

A BIG HELLO to everyone who attended - DEnnis + Team Parc, Bob Shand, =
Stuart MacDonald, Nick F, James R, David Johnston, and many others - it =
was great to finally meet you all! :-)

My personal highlights?  Don't worry, I'll keep it brief...
  a.. Peter Molyneux +  Black and White
  b.. The SONY party!! =20
  c.. Seeing Miyamoto outside the show as I arrived on Sunday, and later =
on checking out games on the Nintendo stand!
  d.. The v. funny Interplay presentation.  The games looked great too - =
even the Star Trek ones
  e.. Many cool games:  Crash Team Racing, Toy Story, Wipeout 3, =
Rollcage 2, DK 64...
  f.. Also cool, but scarily similar to originals:  Perfect Dark, GT 2, =
Spyro The Dragon 2...
Things I'd rather forget...
  a.. My hotel room
  b.. The incredible pain and suffering I endured carrying around all =
those freebies
  c.. Confusing Rayman 2 with Tonic Trouble while speaking to the nice =
UbiSoft lady.  I'm sorry!
  d.. The queue for SONY party tickets.  "GET BACK YOU ANIMALS!!!!"

Derek da Silva

From: "DEnnis Brinkhuis"
Subject: Re: ECTS: Viewpoint...
Date: Mon, 13 Sep 1999 09:24:11 +0200

Nigel Critten wrote:

> > > - Black and White preview and chat with Peter Molyneux
> I'm supprised he managed to get into the place, did they have to widen the
> doors for his Ego, for a man that hasn't done anything decent since Populous
> 2 he seems to be in the press a lot, I suppose Black & White could be good
> but I've not seen it yet.
> Nigel.
> Don't bother to flame me saying how great he is... please it's just a waste
> of time

I can understand your opinion towards him. It's just the fact that he's
got this great reputation and he's media-mad.
He did some impressive work in the past at Bullfrog and he's one of the
insiders at the top that does show his opinion towards the industry.
As you might have understood, Black & White was definitely the best game
I saw during the ECTS and no games looked impressive anymore after
seeing B&W.
I must correct you on the Ego as well. One of my friends knows him
rather well and he told as well that this man has the ego of a king, but
when we met him, he wasn't this way at al.
He came into a pub to go to the toilet, we asked him to join us for a
drink, and we all thought he would take off. It even looked like he was
going to take off.
But he didn't, instead, he joined us and we had a great chat. He didn't
have much time so he invited us over the next day to come to his hotel.
This does not sound like a man with a giant ego to me. He invited about
10 strangers he'd never saw before!
Then when he showed us the game, he did say how good he liked it, but he
wasn't actually bragging about it. I think this is a guy we can learn
something of, and with me there are a lot others who agree I suppose.


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